Debra Tosh for ReMax

Debra Tosh for ReMax

The Caroline returned with 18 ling cod and limits of rockfish for 13 anglers while fishing local waters. They have some limited room in the upcoming week. While there were a few kings caught here and there last week, salmon fishing remained somewhat slow according to Todd Fraser from Bayside Marine. One thing always stays the same for fishing in the Monterey Bay and that is, every year is different. Some are slow for certain species while other years are very productive. It is looking to be one of those years for halibut a good one. Dozens of shaker-size halibut in calm waters have been caught near shore at wharf and on the inside corner near New Brighton Beach. Pier anglers have been catching and releasing one after the other from the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. Once in a while, a legal -sized fish comes over the rail in the 22 inch range.

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Meanwhile, my longtime fishing buddy, Ron Ballanti, could do no wrong. Each live sardine he cast resulted in a hookup. I had been hooking them through the nose, making the sardines want to swim back to the boat as soon as they hit the water. Hooking the live fish bait in the breastplate made them want to swim down and away, and that was the secret to getting bit. I followed suit, and the next bait I cast was inhaled by a yellowfin. To find out the secrets of bait behavior, I talked with veteran captains in the Northeast, South Florida, the northern Gulf and Southern California.

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The first ten to fifteen miles the surf was murky and full of various sea grasses and algae making fishing marginal, at best. Thankfully fishing guide Jeff Wolda was on his way out and mentioned that the water was much clearer in the twenties. Sure enough, not only was the water clear down at Big Shell beach, but there was no weed to foul the fishing lines either. In addition there were large schools of migrating mullet minnows heading south. Those attracted plenty of skipjacks and some Spanish mackerel to the all they could eat bait buffet.

The fish everyone is currently fishing for are redfish. While finger mullet did catch one redfish, three more were caught on cut skipjack. Many regulars to the park are familiar with using skipjacks for bait. If you want to catch some for bait, using a silver spoon and reeling if very fast will usually do the trick. If skipjacks also called ladyfish are around you will see lots of activity from the bait fish fleeing the predatory skipjacks. Once you see the activity in the surf, get casting with the spoon and you should be able to catch some for bait Once you have the skipjack fillets ready, cut off some pieces and bait up.

For catching mullet minnows a cast net is the best method to capture them. This allows the fish to pick up the bait without as easily detecting the weight of the sinker. Other anglers stick to the tried and true double drop hook rig so the choice is yours.

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Coming up on May May 2, All of the radio tags have been implanted in smallmouth bass and some of the receivers have been placed never the mouth of tribuatries to the Snake River. Ben competed with focus and tenacity weighing in Saturday, the final day, in 5th place.

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Impeccably kept, it rests on a double lot behind an iron fence and gate. His niece inherited the building. Sold in to Edna Elizabeth Robertson, it remained in her family for 2 generations, until sold to the current owners in I t was built with the eclectic appeal of all Queen Anne Revival homes. The Queen Anne style refers to either the English Baroque architectural style, approximately of the reign of Queen Anne , or a revived form that was popular in the last quarter of the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century.

The handsome brick exterior was professionally cleaned and repointed, it features many distinctive features with black rounded soldier courses around the windows and an oriel window on the west side; original corbles extend around the distinctive roof line. Guests are greeted by beautiful perennial gardens, down a curving sidewalk, on a double separately-deeded lot; welcomed through a delightful porch with double doors and etched glass windows with iron cresting above the cornice.

Inside, a spacious entry hall with a gorgeous sweeping staircase with carved bannister and risers with a niche at the landing – an added bonus is a closet below the staircase with ample room for storage. A curved doorway leading to the breathtaking living room featuring the original draft protecting rod and rings for heavy curtains is still in place. Original gas light fittings, original hinges and doorknobs.

The paint has been cleaned off and the brass polished to reveal the beauty of the original East Lake brass hinges, knobs and push plates. The home features gleaming hardwood floors, deep baseboards, stained glass and 10 foot ceilings with crown moulding.

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Rose Greulich, Pulaski NY Another successful dry fly fishermen There are many fish around in the lower stretches of the Main river system, with a few new arrivals entering the system on the higher tide days. With the low water conditions, the fish are holding in the deeper water pools – ideal conditions for the lower stretches of the Main river below Blackville – especially for dry fly anglers – but not as good for much of the upper river system except for the deep holding pools where fish have been holding up, such as Black Brook, Big Hole and a few others throughout the system.

Every season can be different with either too much low water or too much high water – sometimes this makes it not so great for good fishing and makes it almost impossible to have good producing pools for every possible condition. However, we have worked hard at this over the years – sometimes leasing pools for years and waiting for just the right conditions for them to be successful.

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Recent fishing trips have produced redfish, trout, sheepshead, snook, snapper and more. Anglers Cliff and Ed scored on trout, jacks and snappers before chasing rolling tarpon to no avail. The pesky tarpon were feeding on small baits on the surface but refused everything Cliff and Ed offered them. The next day Jim and Tommy fished the Banana river and added a golden memory to their fishing chronicles.

Each angler had caught quite a few fish during the day, but nothing to brag about. Trout, snapper, pinfish and jacks provides some fishing fun, but the real fun was yet to come. As the fishing day neared its end Jim hooked into something big. The drag on his series reel was screaming and the pole was bending. The big fish was hooked between two Banana River docks giving the fish plenty of opportunities to escape the landing net. Jim worked the fish our from under the first dock only to have it swim under the second.

The 10 pound Liquid Braid fishing line was rubbing on the barnacle encrusted pilings and I quickly moved the boat forward to change the angler of attack. Jim fought the fish out from under the second dock and it passed in front of the boat returning to dock number 1 and then out through the end of the dock with pilings on both sides of the line.

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Oliver’s “Unearthly Neighbors” Chad Oliver, an Anthropologist, wrote particularly plausible novels of First Contact — a term, after all, which originated in the field of Anthropology. The first of his masterpieces. Ballentine, ; revised first hardcover edition, New York:

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Still biting today– with another one , Nates 56 lb fish taken with a live mackeral. Off of Avalon Friday. Went just over 40’bs. There was a school an acre wide got it in a swim bait after 45 minutes. We deployed another Fad late last season. The location of the the first fad is 33′

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