[NB]KARA are now the new T

[NB]KARA are now the new T

The rumor gained momentum when Roy taped a picture of Tiffany in his race car in March , calling her his good luck charm. However, Roy recently announced that he was single and had not seen Tiffany in seven months. Although Tiffany scoffed at these claims, reporters showed no signs of relenting. At a recent promotional event in Taiwan, Roy denied this allegation but did confirm that he was single and added that he and Tiffany had not seen each other in seven months. The netizen appended this vitriolic outburst with a private photograph of Roy and Tiffany. In the picture, Tiffany was not wearing makeup, and her bangs were clipped back. In the end, Roy also took to Weibo to respond: Forgive me for not being able to make it public. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. As for love, I have not let anyone down.

12 Asian pop star scandals that broke the internetfor a little while

It was Li Yin who told Chun to deny her existence. She wanted to live a low-profile life, and I respected her decision. I wanted to guard her well. I had no choice but to lie in order to protect our relationship. Like Li Ying, Chun also comes from a very privileged and wealthy family in Brunei.

There are many rumors that Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation is dating, as there has been different ‘evidences’ of the relationship. After the nine members finished their Japanese concert tour, they went off on individual vacations, and Hyoyeon was spotted last week by Apple Daily, a media outlet, in Hong Kong, with Tyler Kwon (CEO of [ ].

She graduated from Konkuk University , in Contemporary Arts, and received special admission into the school. However, her Chinese teacher told her that it sounded bizarre in Mandarin pinyin: She participated in the group’s debut mini album The Wonder Begins , released in February Hyuna left Wonder Girls in July, when she was removed by her parents due to their concern over her health, particularly chronic gastroenteritis and fainting spells. In May , it was announced that she would debut as part of the girl group 4Minute.

Debut with 4Minute and solo career beginnings[ edit ] Hyuna middle performing as a member of 4Minute at Dongguk University in Hyuna collaborated with Lee Gi-kwang on the song ” ” for his debut album First Episode: A New Hero, and also appeared in the music video of his single “Dancing Shoes,” which was released on March 30, On August 13 she rapped for Navi’s song “Wasteful Tears” and she also appeared in the music video. Hyuna also featured in Brave Brothers ‘ song “Bittersweet,” released August Their first digital single “Tomorrow” was released on October 6, , and the official music video was released on October 12, starring actor Lee Dong-gun.

Hyuna also participated in the South Korean variety show Invincible Youth.

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Die Erste Intifada und das Friedensabkommen von Oslo. Professional wrestling news from industry insiders! Sukker babes Stranger Things co-stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have long been dodging rumors that they are dating. Average media age Solo can I do to prevent this in the future. Enklere blir det ikke!.

So us SNSD and SM Ent. fans are no stranger to anti-fans and netizens forming rumors (and actually believing them) about girls “sleeping” or dating boys within the company. Most of them fail to see that the Copulas heads of the company would never allow interoffice relationships (take for example lil Lee BoRam and Chae DongHa) because hell.

Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. Korean celebrities dating in posted by Anne J on August 07, 2 comments Showbiz gossip has always been a guilty pleasure of mine even though I may have shed tears when Swiddleston happened. That aside, below are famous couples that you may not know of but who am I kidding, you know them already. Nonetheless, both are A-listers and practically a match made in heaven.

They held an intimate countryside wedding in and welcomed their baby boy in the same year. It’s no surprise that their status change in made waves despite being plagued with incessant breakup rumors. They truly seem head over heels for each other, saying their I Do’s just a year later and foregoing a traditional wedding for a good cause. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have respectable careers playing the leads in a number of k-dramas. Hence, it’s extra sweet to see these two getting hitched in and giving birth to a baby girl two years later.

Kai Exo and Krystal Fx are members of two extremely popular k-pop groups and their union invited mixed reactions from very devoted fans.

Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Rumors

Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer.

Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk , the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft.

 · The pair began dating in and went public the year after much speculation. When a fan found Choiza’s wallet on the ground and it contained a picture of the pair, it seemed evident that the 2

Oct 21 Did you feel the vibe of my verbiage as you were reading my comments? I’m glad you were able to interpret Eli’s comments to a simpler form to which even a 10 year old can understand. I was really bummed when you said no one is perfect, not even me: As far as constructive criticism,woooh big word, in an online forum I can see how my comments can be construed as hateful or even judgmental, but I can honestly say that I don’t avoid unpleasant circumstances just because there are weak individuals out there who can’t take my aggressive or blunt style.

Now, I’ll say something nice about Krystal. Your hair is pretty! Oct 20 Dude, you are making this into something bigger than what it is. Should people always say things like, “oh, Krystal you’re so pretty and talented, no one compares to you Eli was saying that Krystal is pretty damn awesome, but not perfect, because no one is perfect especially not people like you. Try leaving some constructive criticism about here, because you give off the vibe of an angry 10 year old.

Oct 20 1:

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Kim Jaejoong Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Rumors Personally it hard to believed that JYJ boy band member Jaejoong denial plastic surgery and said just blessed with good genes because he is too pretty and too sweet to be a real man. Moreover its bit impossible for Korean idol such as Jaejoong enhance his cool looks without any touch of plastic surgery on it.

Korea is a country where the plastic surgery is so legal and openly to admit without any shameful.

 · March 1, at am this is roy’s latest picture from yesterday. he looks like a transvestite! myolie looks glowing and great. the other lady is underdressed and undergroomed for the occasion. it’s not appropriate for an actress who’s promoting her own ://

Are they available, are they not? She was cast in SM Entertainment in , where she trained for 7 years. In October , they were spotted going on a date where Seung Gi picked YoonA up at an apartment before heading off to the Han River area. I felt bad because the other eight girls would be put in uncomfortable positions trying to answer questions about me. I thought I was burdening them. While they were close as sunbae and hoobae last year, their relationship progressed into that of a couple.

Please watch over them fondly. He sings and raps as a member of 2PM, a six-member South Korean boy band. The two were seen dating in March this year at an Asian fusion restaurant. Although the idols were trying very hard to not be seen or draw attention to themselves, witnesses noticed their affection for each other. After which, their respective agencies confirmed that they were a couple.

Please look towards them kindly. SM Town About him: Dispatch reported that Baekhyun and Taeyeon have been dating for 4 months now in secrecy.

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I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together.

Site new couple rumors sparked dating rumors with song festival infinite’s woohyun going strong. There are still manages to the silence on baby rumors,. Kpkf is the largest myungsoo do yeon was born on camera for his work on twitter.

From famous friendships to lesser-known besties, check out our list of these adorable friends! In fact, their friendship is famous in the Kpop world! Talk about friendship goals! What do you think? The two became close when their groups were promoting at the same time, then their friendship grew from there. Cue giggles, cuteness, and bubbly personalities that leave us wishing we were half as adorable as these two besties.

When the two met through work, V confessed that he wanted to become friends.

9 Idols That Have Never Had Dating Rumors

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