History[ edit ] Origins: Early transmission trials[ edit ] In , Henry Sutton developed a Telephane for closed circuit transmission of pictures via telegraph wires, based on the Nipkow spinning disk system, so that the Melbourne Cup could be seen in Ballarat. Reports differ on whether the Telephane was successfully implemented. The test transmissions, which were of 1 hour duration each day, were made by Thomas M. By , it expanded to lines. Early demonstrations[ edit ] Melbourne “housewife” Edna Everage a comic creation of performing artist Barry Humphries , first appeared on Australian television in the s. The two countries developed radically different industry models, which were based on the models each used for radio broadcasting. British broadcasting was entirely controlled by the government-created broadcasting corporation, the BBC , which derived its revenue from compulsory viewer licence fees.


Eclipses can knock us off our comfortable perches and impel us to make bold moves…or scramble to adjust to sudden changes. Everything from a job shift to a departmental restructuring to a star turn in the spotlight could be on the agenda without warning. The universe is clearing a space for a much better fit to come in. Since the tenth house rules men and authority figures, there could be curveballs involving a guy in your life, perhaps your father or a higher-up at work.

Discovered in , Pluto is the second closest dwarf planet to the Sun and was at one point classified as the ninth planet. Pluto is the largest dwarf planet but only .

I also added a few pointers for constructing a tone-burst signal source and a receiver with microphone and fast peak meter for those of you, who would like to build some versatile acoustic test equipment. I must point out that steady-state frequency response curves – magnitude and phase – present only a limited view of a loudspeaker. Hidden in them, and often not discernible to the eye, are further linear distortion data.

These are better seen in shaped tone-burst measurements in the time domain. Also, non-linear distortion, which adds its own signature via new spectral components, that were not present in the original, must be made visible with single and multi-tone test signals. Stored energy and non-linear distortion measurements were performed on a variety of drivers and influenced the selection made for the PHOENIX.

The tweeter exhibits increased decay times above 12 kHz due to the trapped air between dome apex and plastic cup forming a mechanical spring-mass system. Removing the cup rapidly rolls off the response -8 dB at 20 kHz. Regardless, the metal dome tweeter was initially chosen for this design based on a slight listening preference.

Pluto: Facts & Information About the Dwarf Planet Pluto

November 14, It is also one of the largest known members of the Kuiper Belt , a shadowy zone beyond the orbit of Neptune thought to be populated by hundreds of thousands of rocky, icy bodies each larger than 62 miles kilometers across, along with 1 trillion or more comets. In , Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet , a change widely thought of as a demotion.

The question of Pluto’s planet status has attracted controversy and stirred debate in the scientific community , and among the general public , since then. In , a science group including members of the New Horizon mission proposed a new definition of planethood based on “round objects in space smaller than stars,” which would make the number of planets in our solar system expand from 8 to roughly

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Sexual Healing and Empowerment Oct Nov 22 Libra By Hiroko Sakai More than a few people who thought they were Scorpios under the bastardized sign system are disappointed to learn they are actually Libras, according to astronomical fact. They resonated with Scorpio’s reputation for sexual obsession, and reject the nice-guy image of Libra, whose main interest centers around partnership and balance. Actually, Libras are as addicted to sex as any Scorpio archetype, since it’s their means to find love and enrich their relationships.

For Libras, sex is the portal to pleasure, and pleasure is how they find equilibrium and fulfillment.

Pluto (minor planet designation: Pluto) is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, a ring of bodies beyond Neptune. It was the first Kuiper belt object to be discovered. Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in and was originally considered to be the ninth planet from the l period: years, 90, d.

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Oliver’s “Unearthly Neighbors” Chad Oliver, an Anthropologist, wrote particularly plausible novels of First Contact — a term, after all, which originated in the field of Anthropology. The first of his masterpieces. Ballentine, ; revised first hardcover edition, New York: Crown, ] in later had a sequel, “The Shores of Another Sea.

This symbol, often referred to as the synthesis of alchemy or the Hermetic Seal, hearkens back to ancient Pythagorean philosophy, wherein the square, circle, the and the triangle are the emblems of the material body, the soul, and the spirit, the three elements believed to be necessary for.

If the canon author tries to do this to his own work, it’s called a Retcon , Re Vision , or otherwise some form of Continuity Porn. In general, fans treat “retcon” as a value-neutral term, whereas “fan wank” carries a connotation of being crap. That said, fan wank can still be enjoyable , especially if the author is clearly aware of how ridiculous the theory is , and some fan theories can even be adopted by the original work in the form of Ascended Fanon or a Shrug of God , which means no canon commitment either way and gives the fans room to work with.

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That said, some fandom circles also use “wank” to refer to a fan behaving like a wanker , such as Broken Base feuding and other gross displays of Fan Dumb. This is YMMV for a reason however, as the sheer amount of Fan Wank in existence shows that a lot of people, at least within fandoms, really like it. The show also has an incredibly weird Alternate Timeline , and the fans consistently try to reconcile every Word of God statement with that timeline, leading to a whole “Geassverse” with multiple points of divergence.

Akito the Exiled and Code Geass: Oz the Reflection both being canon adds to the craziness. The remaining wanking topics derive from the show being Screwed by the Network , leaving a lot of questions unanswered, including C. It was meant to resolve a different fan wank question i. It is notorious among the fans for having an open ending.

Hermetic Seal of Light (Quintessence)

Is it even possible, or just a frustrating pipe dream? That seems to have been Topic A in , continuing hot on the heels of the previous year and probably going all the way back to Thomas Edison wrapping a sheet of tin foil around a grooved metal cylinder. After writing plus articles for Part-Time Audiophile, including tons of show coverage, this is the one thing that generates the most friendly — and, often, not-so-friendly — feedback.

We print equipment prices usually wrapped in cool little parentheses like this on almost every piece of gear in every show room we visit, along with our quick-listen admittedly, not-ideal impressions of the systems. I think part of this issue is that there are a lot of music and gear fans out there who really appreciate good sound.

13 Sign Astrology and Numerology. SPREAD THE LOVE FB Live with Katharine Kinnie and Kim Lovelace chatting about 13 Star Sign Astrology, how it came into Kim’s life, why it’s magickal, how it can be helpful to us all, and how it compliments Numerology. And we’ll be looking at some specific special dates in November too.

This book could very well be the most mind-boggling experience of your life. When I first stumbled across the shocking Soviet theory revealing the true nature of the Moon, I was staggered. At first I found it unbelievable and naturally rejected it. Then, as scientific information from our Apollo expeditions brought back more and more facts that backed the Soviet theory, I found myself forced to accept it. All my life I have been fascinated by the sky and the stars.

The bright, fire-laden Moon was no exception. But I – like most other people – had learned to look upon her as just a close companion world of our Earth, a sometimes bright, sometimes absent light of the night. Like many, I had come to take her inconstant face and warm familiarity for granted. Then in the Russians launched the world’s first satellite and the Space Age began.

Soon both superpowers of our planet – the U. And after a decade of effort, man finally succeeded in reaching his neighbor in the sky. Our landing on the Moon has been called man’s greatest adventure. It has been described as, “the greatest scientific, engineering and exploratory challenge in the history of the human race. The true makeup of this alien world could be the key to the very mystery of man himself!

Pluto in Scorpio Means That You Are a Passion

I interviewed Chuck Jones on the same trip; that interview is reprinted elsewhere on the site. The Clampett interview appeared in the fall of in the first issue of Funnyworld that was printed, rather than mimeographed. At that point, very little about the Warner Bros.

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Share shares The astronomers measured the distances from their nodes, or the two points at which the orbit crosses the plane of the solar system, to the sun. And, the findings suggest there is a planet lurking in the outer reaches, beyond Pluto. First proposed by a group at CalTech in the US, this alien world was theorised to explain the distorted paths seen in distant icy bodies. In order to fit in with the data they have, this alien world – popularly called Planet Nine – would need to be roughly four time the size of Earth and ten times the mass.

Researchers say a body of this size and mass would explain the clustered paths of a number of icy minor planets beyond Neptune. Its huge orbit would mean it takes between 10, and 20, years to make a single pass around the sun. The theoretical Planet Nine is based on the gravitational pull it exerts on these bodies, with astronomers confident it will be found in the coming years. Those hoping for theoretical Earth-sized planets proposed by astrologers or science fiction writers – which are ‘hiding behind the sun’ and linked with Doomsday scenarios – may have to keep searching.

Using a new technique to reduce such biases, astronomers in Spain found that a mysterious object located more than times the distance between the Earth and the sun is, in fact, altering the orbits of objects beyond Neptune.


December 15, , Pluto passed through Scorpio in , leaving it in , and it also moved through it again in the late twentieth century, entering in , and leaving again in Pluto is also the planet that rules the sign of Scorpio, meaning that they have many innate characteristics in common. The periods when Pluto was in Scorpio amplify the inherent characteristics of both the planet and the sign.

People born while Pluto was in Scorpio are highly intelligent, and driven by problem-solving and puzzle-solving urges.

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Michael November 7, at 3: It is a universal force much higher than any other known. But by purity and will to sacrifice, from the bodies of two, can be merged into one. The result will only be the perfection itself. Reneae December 19, at 1: I have predicted many of my family members deaths within 7 days … By birds that come to me, … No…. I am not a freak … Quite the opposite …. I blend very well in society… Good job … Husband.. I clearly understood mercury Pluto hookup!! The infinity symbol with the cross thru it …… I hav drawn for years ….

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Read on for the inside story of the commercial that rocked the world of advertising, even though Apple’s Board of Directors didn’t want to run it at all. When Steve Jobs heard the pitch in , he was sold—he saw the Macintosh as a “revolutionary” product, and wanted advertising to match. The Mac was scheduled to launch in late January of , a week after the Super Bowl. IBM already held the nickname “Big Blue,” so the parallels, at least to Jobs, were too delicious to miss.

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That was more than enough time for the two-time All-Star to make an impact and show the myriad ways he will help the reigning Eastern Conference champs. Forget the final score. Push aside his stat line, pouring in 17 points on 6-of from the field and 3-of-8 from 3-point range to go with three assists. It’s what the Cavaliers had been waiting for, why head coach Tyronn Lue used the term excited 11 times in four minutes when discussing Thomas’ return Monday afternoon and why LeBron James didn’t want to talk about himself postgame, only Thomas.

Tuesday is exactly what General Manager Koby Altman and the key members of the organization envisioned when trading for Thomas in a summer blockbuster with the Boston Celtics. There’s a belief he can help elevate the roster. I think he will shoot the ball even better from 3 and obviously his legs weren’t under him as much as he wanted to, but he’s still got his powers and he will be fine. That’s part of Thomas’ value.

He will take some of the scoring load and playmaking responsibility off James, whose usage has increased this season. Thomas may also help keep James’ minutes from getting out of control in the regular season. Third in the NBA in minutes per game going into the night, James needed just 34 to help dispose of the Blazers, matching the fewest he’s logged since Nov. Coincidence that it happened on the night Thomas debuted? They just play off each other. That’s what I like.

‘Naked and Afraid XL’ Cast: Were There any Hookups?

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